Symphony of Sorrows + Cantata | CNB
15 and 16 Jun 2024

The National Ballet Company joins the celebrations for the centenary of the Tivoli BBVA Theater where it presents a show that brings together two contemporary works: Symphony Of Sorrows + Cantata.

In this program, CNB brings together two choreographers who, with different approaches and environments, present works that work on the collective.

Symphony Of Sorrows + Cantata

In Symphony Of Sorrows, the collective reveals itself to be the force to overcome the sometimes tortuous paths of humanity.

A light touch on our sensations on the margins of human reality. Our bodies form an organism that glimpses the image of what we have in the subconscious. A universe inside each body touched by music. As if we can see every musical nuance while experiencing small moments that are strongly familiar to us.

With choreography by Miguel Ramalho for the CNB dancers, to the music of Henryk Górecki and with lighting design by Cristina Piedade, artistic direction by Carlos Prado.

Cantata reflects Italian popular and musical traditions from the 18th and 19th centuries, from lullabies to Salentine pizzica and Neapolitan serenades, in a festive atmosphere, where music is the inspiring element, infecting dancers and the public. “The idea was to recover the traditional dances and music of Italy, especially southern Italy, which has a strong musical tradition. If we lose tradition, we lose the memory of it.”, says the choreographer. “I performed a kind of alchemy with this dance, which was very old and traditional.” “It’s a universal language. Anyone can feel something, deeply.”

By choreographer and CNB First Dancer, Miguel Ramalho, with music by Henryk Górecki, and Cantata, by Italian choreographer Mauro Bigonzetti, with traditional Italian music by the musical group Assurd, by Lorella Monti and Cristina Vetrone with Enza Pagliara and Enza Alessandra Prestia .

Age rating
District Attorney
€10 to €20

Session times

Saturday | 21:00

Sunday | 17:00

Entry to children under 3 years of age is not permitted, with the exception of shows that are classified for All Audiences, in accordance with Decree Law 23/2014.

To purchase Conditional Mobility tickets, please contact the Tivoli BBVA Theater box office: telephone 213 572 025 (Tuesday to Saturday from 3:30 pm to 7:30 pm) or via email at

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