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The Tivoli BBVA Theater, a cultural icon in the heart of Lisbon, stands out as the stage for countless plays, concerts, ballets and shows – national and international productions – that enrich the city's cultural life.







Located on the prestigious Avenida da Liberdade, the Tivoli BBVA Theater it is easily accessible, offering an unforgettable experience from the moment you arrive. Past 100 years, the cine-theater has kept up with the evolution of times, technology and cultural trends, becoming a versatile theater, with the clear objective of delivering relevant cultural projects and national and international programming.

Your show at Tivoli

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Tivoli BBVA Theater


The Tivoli BBVA Theater is a century-old theater of reference in the city of Lisbon. In constant renovation, Tivoli has remained at the forefront, becoming a symbol of the city and the avenue.

Tivoli BBVA Theater

Main room

Located on Avenida da Liberdade, public access is via the entrance foyer with staircase to the interior of the Tivoli BBVA Theater. The Main Room of the Tivoli BBVA Theater is divided between seats with even and odd numbers, corresponding to the left and right sides, respectively, and has three floors

Main room

Main room

Other spaces

In addition to the Main Room, the space also has an attic, foyers, rehearsal room and dressing rooms.



Dressing room


After an intense recovery process, the theater was restored to the shine and glamor of its history and the space was equipped with technology and technical resources for the best current productions.

Main room

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