Slava's Snowshow
03 to 14 April 2024

Talking about SLAVA is not talking about clowns with horns, studied falls and trumpets at the end of the performance. Talking about Slava is revering the art of clowning, its simplicity and wordless poetry, capable of astonishing adults and children, merging them into shared moments, where age doesn't matter.

Multi-awarded, Slava Polunin is considered “the Russian master who saved clowning” (The Evening Standard).

Masterpiece Slava's Snowshow

His masterpiece, SLAVA'S SNOWSHOW, on tour since 1993, transports us to an imaginary world, unique and without limits, in which a piece of paper is capable of triggering snowstorms and in which the notion of time is lost by the audience who, after the end of the show, remain in the room playing with the irresistible and gigantic colored balls. It's a world for all of us, where dreams come true.

“Clowning is as certain point of view on the world, an ability to see in a way that differs from what people usually see. It is a great pleasure to collect joyful people who live and create things in this dimension. Once you start, you cannot stop.”, Slava Polunim

“Emotionally overwhelming, invigorating, simply delicious. Take us back to the innocent paradise of our childhood.”, Financial Times

“If you only watch one show this year, let it be Slava's Snowshow. And take the family!”, Daily Telegraph Review

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