Valter Lobo
27 Jan 2024

Valter Lobo brings to Tivoli BBVA and the city of Lisbon a special concert where he will present, first-hand, new sounds on which he has composed and worked. It features the participation of your band, and will cover the themes that are part of the albums “Mediterrâneo” and “Primeira Parte de Um Assalto” in a meeting that always proves to be unique and in constant proximity to the public, leaving all the senses alert.

Valter Lobo is a singer-songwriter who established himself with his first album, “Mediterrâneo” (2016), successor to his debut EP “Inverno” (2013). He increasingly assumes himself as a truly independent artist in all forms: from thought and composition to the way he communicates, without fashion or stylistic appropriation.

In 2022 he released “Primeira Parte de um Assalto”, an immersive journey through songs full of emotion. In these nine songs, Valter Lobo exposes himself to another level and this can be felt in each phrase, with great care in conveying messages to his listeners, with whom he maintains an extremely close connection.

Today, “Mediterrâneo” is already a cult album when it comes to the writing of songs in Portuguese by independent artists. Valter Lobo has already sold out concerts in large venues across the country and even took his music on tour throughout South America. Valter intends to share his personal experiences on stage and make each concert a true encounter where there is room for a whole performance, dialogue and meditation.


Valter Lobo: voice and guitar
Jorge Moura: guitar and synthesizer
Pedro Oliveira: drums and percussions
Pedro Santos: bass
Álvaro Ramos: sound
Berto Pinheiro: light

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