27 June 2024

For Toquinho, the guitar became an extension of the body itself. Every day it improves more, as if time acted as a companion and not an opponent. Playing the guitar, for him, means breathing with his hands, and it is from the guitar that he extracts the nectar capable of guaranteeing the motto of his days: “I only have time to be happy”. In 1970 he began his most important partnership with Vinícius de Moraes. There were 10 years of intense creativity with more than 100 songs, around 26 albums recorded and more than 1,000 shows performed in Brazil and abroad.

Over a 60-year career, he completed a body of work of almost 400 songs, with Vinícius de Moraes as one of his main musical and life partners. Toquinho He has already been awarded two Latin Grammys. This show has the special participation of the excellent Brazilian singer Camilla Faustino and songs such as: Aquarela; How wonderful; Afternoon in Itapuã; Samba Pra Vinícius a partnership with Chico Buarque; among other successes.

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Entry to children under 3 years of age is not permitted, with the exception of shows that are classified for All Audiences, in accordance with Decree Law 23/2014.

To purchase tickets for Conditioned Mobility, please contact the Tivoli BBVA Theater box office: telephone 213 572 025 (Tuesday to Saturday from 3:30 pm to 7:30 pm) or via email

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