The Queen's Cartoonists
05 May 2024

A unique musical journey into the cartoon universe!

The Queen's Cartoonists bring more than 100 years of animation to life, perfectly synchronizing their performances with the films projected on stage. The cartoon's infectious energy guides audiences through a world of musical mastery, multi-instrumental chaos and comedy.

Animated film projections dazzle the audience, as the band recreates original soundtracks note for note or creates new compositions for modern pieces, crossing two distinctly American art forms: jazz and animation.

Watch your favorite classic characters interact with the musicians on stage in a perfect blend of jazz, classical music and cartoons. The Queen's Cartoonists features jazz era composers such as Carl Stalling, Raymond Scott and John Kirby, alongside timeless classics Mozart, Rossini and Strauss.

The six members of the band, residing in Queens, New York, come from four continents and this show crossed borders, selling out venues wherever it went.

Get ready for an experience that transcends borders and generations, where music and animation come together in an extraordinary way!

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