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Thursday to Saturday | March 2024

Teatro Dom Roberto or Teatro de Robertos is a traditional Portuguese puppet theater repertoire. Its origins date back to the 17th century, introduced in Portugal by Italian and French puppeteers, influenced by the Italian Commedia dell'Arte. He adapted to the Portuguese cultural reality following the European tradition of popular heroes with the character Dom Roberto who is capable of overcoming his own death.

A relevant feature in all the characters is the distorted voice due to the use of a reed that also serves to amplify the voice.

The repertoire reaches our days through the hands of master puppeteers who wandered alone from place to place and passed on to us the testimony of this tradition and today we are more than a dozen puppeteers who seek to preserve this heritage.

In 2021, Teatro Dom Roberto was inscribed in the Inventory of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Portugal.

The Valdevinos Teatro de Marionetas includes in its repertoire the traditional Teatro Dom Roberto, the plays “O Barbeiro Diabólico”, “A Bullada à Portuguesa”, “Rosa e os Três Outubro” and “O Castelo dos Fantasmas”.

In addition to the traditional repertoire, it adds two new original stories with Dom Roberto as the protagonist across the lands of Sintra, in two of its realities: the sea “The Fisherman” and the countryside “The Miller and the Donkey”.

Two stories will be presented per session


The Devil Barber

Dom Roberto is getting married and decides to go to the barber to have his beard and hair done. Finding the cut too expensive, he haggles over the price, which triggers an unrestrained fight that culminates in the death of the barber. The policeman appears to investigate, then the devil to condemn him and finally Death to take him away, but Dom Roberto manages to resist them all.


The Bullfight

The Bullfight portrays several episodes in a Portuguese bullfight. The participants, the bullfighter and the pitchforks face the bull who, with the most varied tricks, emerges safe and sound and at the end he also thanks the public with bows.


Rose and the Three Lovers

Rosa takes advantage of her bosses leaving to welcome her three boyfriends: the Shoemaker, the Goldsmith and the Brazilian who promise her worlds and funds. But the bosses arrive home earlier than expected and it's a serious matter. What will happen to Rosa and her three boyfriends?


The Castle of Ghosts

The princess was trapped by the Giant in the castle tower and asks for help. Dom Roberto appears and soon falls in love with the princess. Promise you'll save her. But it won't be easy, as we have the Ghost, the Crocodile, the Devil and the Giant who are there to defend the Castle. But Dom Roberto, using his stick, manages to defeat them and finally frees the princess. At the end they kiss with the wedding march.


The Miller and the Donkey

The Miller wants to take his flour to sell in the village. He starts to load the Donkey, but each bag he places mysteriously disappears. He discovers the thief and after a lot of struggle manages to defeat him.

With the Donkey loaded, the Miller is ready to go to the village, or not?


The fisherman

The Fisherman goes fishing, as he asked Varina to marry him, but she will only marry him if he brings her a sea bass.
The Fisherman has several adventures on the river where fishing is prohibited. A Policeman, a Crocodile and a stubborn Bass will make your life difficult.

Will the Fisherman be able to take the Sea Bass to Varina?


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