Miss Cindy | The Magic Park
April 28, 2024

Miss Cindy opens the doors to her magical Park. Fun and cheerful, it will enchant the youngest with beautiful melodies. With her pink fridge and her magic screen, Miss Cindy lives many adventures with her little friends through songs, stories and magical formulas, enchanting little ones and their families in her shows.
Miss Cindy, very sweet and gentle, is a friend to everyone and shares, through her adventures and her songs, values such as friendship, respect, mutual help, solidarity and inclusion through acceptance of each person's differences.
Accompanied by a Milho cook, a Batatinha teacher, a dancing Amora and a Yogurt, a fearful Wolf, an Ant who only thinks about working, and a Joana Minhota, they live adventures together in the Park, interpreting enchanting melodies in a unique and memorable show.


Classification: all ages

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