Ivan Lins | We deserve to be happy
10 Jun 2024

Ivan Lins, throughout his career, has always lived his art intensely. On the eve of completing 55 years of career, he has always been attentive to the issues that permeate life in Brazil and the world. To joys, sadness, social, political and environmental issues. Humanist and optimistic, he is increasingly showing happiness and love in his songs and truly believes that everyone deserves to be happy.

“A Gente Merece Ser Feliz” is a show that talks about his love and respect for life, for his country and for so many people who inspired him – and still inspire him – during his career. And, after all the uncertainties we have experienced in recent years, surviving something unimaginable, Ivan presents us with a show to be sung loud and clear. To “wash the soul(!)”. This is the artist's way of thanking the public that has followed him for so many years.

With great hits in his repertoire and accompanied by wonderful musicians, Ivan will show that we all deserve to be happy.

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