EU.CLIDES | Slope tour
01 Feb 2024

In February, EU.CLIDES returns to Portugal for the second phase of the long-awaited “Declive” tour. The talented artist, known for fusing musical genres in a unique way, will visit Lisbon and Porto. With concerts scheduled in two special rooms: February 1st at the Tivoli BBVA Theater and February 3rd at Casa da Música.

The album “Declive”, with lyrics by Tota and production by Pedro da Linha, is a profound work, inspired by parables that explore the complexities of life. Through poetic lyrics and harmonious music, EU.CLIDES creates a captivating sound experience, which mixes influences ranging from classical to electronic music, including Cape Verdean and gospel music. The title “Declive” reflects the journey of ups and downs, where music becomes a ramp that builds us towards something better, even in the midst of pain and stress.

On stage, EU.CLIDES will be accompanied by Tota and Ricardo Coelho, on voices, synthesizers, guitars, and organic and electronic percussion. The three musicians enrich the musical experience we carry from the album with their versatility. Songs such as “Tê Menos 1”, “Venham Mais 7” and “4ª Feira”, along with some highlights from the previous EP, such as “Ira Para Quê”, “Desmancha-Prazeres” and “Tubarão Azul”, come to life in a unique way. surprising.

EU.CLIDES' musical journey has been marked by evolution and growth from the first singles, to the success of the debut album “Declive”, which sold out concerts at Lux-Frágil and M.Ou.Co, and to the enthusiastic response from audiences at summer festivals. Becoming more flexible, magical and perfect with each performance with each step. For the February concerts, get ready for something even more surprising.
Join us and allow yourself to be immersed in the musical universe of EU.CLIDES, where each note is a life lesson and each song is a narrative of resistance and hope.

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