Herman José | From treble clef to lol clef
25 Jan to 26 Jan 2024

The sense of humor and music go hand in hand, and have everything in common: the tempos, the pianos, the fortissimo, the silences... In both cases, they are essential tools for the construction of a quality work.

Music has always been part of Herman's life. From his beginnings at the German school in Lisbon where he took cello lessons with the mythical “Frau Verner”, through his time in jazz as bass guitar in the ensemble of maestro Pedro Osório, culminating in a humorous career punctuated by highly successful popular songs , the presence of sounds and tones have always been catalysts for his art.

Accompanied on the piano by his (faithful) conductor Pedro Duarte, Herman offers a sumptuous journey through many styles and examples of how music and humor share the same DNA.

From compositions by Alberto Janes for Amália Rodrigues, through the works of César de Oliveira, Ary dos Santos and Carlos Paião, also evoking some of his own creations, it is fascinating to see how musical art tempers the noblest of our senses, that of humor.

The title of the show could not be more appropriate, current and explicit: “From the treble clef, to the lol clef.” A beautiful excuse to celebrate a successful journey in one of the most emblematic concert halls in Lisbon – Teatro Tivoli.

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