Forever Tango
19 to 21 Jan 2024

FOREVER TANGO has been a successful and long-lived phenomenon since its debut on Broadway more than 20 years ago. It was created by Luís Bravo, a renowned cellist who has toured the world, always with sold out crowds.

FOREVER TANGO presents the story of the origins of Tango, one of the most famous styles today and recognized as Intangible Heritage of Humanity in 2009.

Tango was born in the 19th century, in Argentine brothels, where emigrants from different parts of the world gathered at the end of hard working days. To the violence of the solitude in which they lived, the rhythms and movements of their bodies responded with passion and sensuality.
Considered indecent and inappropriate at first, Tango gained glamor in Parisian salons, brought by Argentine intellectuals. Since then, it has been danced all over the world, always with the extreme sensuality and sophistication that characterizes it.

For Luis Bravo, conductor and founder of the company, “Tango is a feeling that can be danced. We dance with a partner but, in fact, it is (a feeling) so intrinsic that we dance with ourselves. More than a style, Tango is music, drama, culture, a lifestyle.”

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