25 September 2024

“An evening in Everywhen” is the title of the show that Best Youth will take to Teatro Tivoli BBVA and Sala Suggia at Casa da Música at the beginning of next autumn, a return to Lisbon and Porto after, at the beginning of 2024, having presented his new album – “Everywhen” – in two sold-out concerts at Teatro Maria Matos and Sala 2 at Casa da Música, upon its release.

The return to these two cities is made with very special guests, who will join Catarina Salinas and Ed Rocha Gonçalves for a journey through the sound universe that makes up “Everywhen”:

If, as the duo explained, “Everywhen” had in the songs that compose it the intention of provoking a sensorial experience in the listener, appealing to the suspension of time, in an antithesis to what everyday life compels us to live, the presence of these favorite guests will expand this experience to sonic boundaries, or the non-existence of them: from indie pop, its matrix sound, the musical journey will take off into territories that, although present in their music, will have in “An evening in Everywhen” a unique deepening, with forays into electronics, dance music, rock'n'roll, blues or mainstream pop, such is the eclecticism of the guests on these two nights.

And if in the announced collaborations there will inevitably be visits to the past - after all, the first collaboration with Moullinex in “In the shade” celebrates a decade in 2024 -, the current nature of the partnership with The Legendary Tigerman in “New Love” is still fresh, and the The presence of Marisa Liz and Wolf Manhattan heralds new sound objects even if they are based on reinterpretations of less recent hits.

In fact, “An evening in Everywhen” deepens the musical and visual experience conceived by the duo, opening up the possibility of having a perspective of the past and the future simultaneously, as if it were a mirror, doing justice to the song that gave the title to the new record, in that the reverse mode is confused with the march of the hands of the clock, in which what has already been mixes with what is to come, making this new dynamic present something liberating and challenging.

The songs that will be part of the line-up of this new show will combine just that: a sound crossover in which the most recent “Eternal Love”, “Back With A Bang”, “Cool Kids” or “Out Of Time” will intertwine with those that inhabit our imagination and which are the unmistakable mark of Best Youth, such as “Midnight Rain”, “Mirrorball” or “Hangout”. A journey through the “newtro” trends that have always been announced.

“An evening in Everywhen”, you are invited!

Home Show
9 p.m.
Age rating
District Attorney
Vachier & Associates
€18 to €25

Entry to children under 3 years of age is not permitted, with the exception of shows that are classified for All Audiences, in accordance with Decree Law 23/2014.

To purchase tickets for Conditioned Mobility, please contact the Tivoli BBVA Theater box office: telephone 213 572 025 (Tuesday to Saturday from 3:30 pm to 7:30 pm) or via email

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