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Located in the center of Lisbon and classified as a Monument of Public Interest (February 19, 2015), the Tivoli BBVA Theatre is a cultural icon of national reference. Keeping its historic charm, the Tivoli Theatre has been reinventing itself over the years, adapting to the evolution of the vast proposals within the area of shows and events.

Although by origin it was intended as a cinema, theatre, ballet and the performing arts expeditiously conquered the locale and the frequenting public. 

At present the theatre possesses a varied program, hosting plays, ballets, concerts, humor festivals amongst others, attracting audiences of all ages through the diversity of its proposals.

With the versatility of the Tivoli BBVA Theater, human and technical infrastructures of excellence, we guarantee all events are of the utmost prestige and efficiency.

Whatever your proposal, the Tivoli BBVA Theatre is the PLACE!

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