Tasting Fado

Fado was born among the popular Lisbon alleys and it spread beyond them. Evoking the Portuguese soul, he is melancholic, sings the longing and is accompanied by a guitar and a Portuguese guitar.

National Symbol, Cultural and Intangible Heritage of Humanity (Unesco, 2011), FADO is much more than a song. Is a sensory experience, a journey through history, arts and gastronomy of Portugal. It has a unique taste | a special note, a unique glamor, its own environment.

TASTING FADO offers the city s best: a visit to the theater, a national monument and considered one of the most beautiful buildings of cultural Lisbon, and ends in a “House of Fado” recreated so you can  enjoy  the Fado as a whole, accompanied by a glass of Port Wine and a delicious  Pastel de Nata.


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