When I grow up….I want to be

This story begins in a city with lots of houses and cottages each having their own individual color. The local school was the only pale building, with it´s sad and tired looking walls. Nobody ever thought of renewing the building until one day it was announced that it was in danger of falling down. No one was allowed inside. Piece by piece the public follows the life of this community. They will participate in the construction of a new school and the sabotage it suffers and will witness the effort and emotional roller-coaster of Arlete the local teacher. More than anything be engaged in a story of solidarity, persistence and love involving adults and children where indifference is not an option. In a very fun way this show explains about professions and their characteristics with a fantastic demonstration of scenery and wardrobe all constructed as if they were giant Legos.

“When I grow up I want to be” tell us about the importance of choosing a career and whatever the choice might be it must come from the heart, whether a builder, a judge or a ballet dancer the imperative is to love what you do and to do it to your full capacities.

13 October 2013 to 1st February 2014
Producer/Promoter: Plano6
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