The Nutcracker, converted into a holiday tradition all over the world, is, along with Sleeping Beauty and Swan Lake, one of the most celebrated ballets of Tchaikovsky. It premiered in December 1892 in the legendary Mariinskii Theatre in St. Petersburg. The original choreography was by Lev Ivanov and the libretto by Marius Petipa. The story is inspired by the famous tale of E.T.A. Hoffmanns "The Nutcracker and the King of the Rats", published in 1819, though what gave life to Tchaikovsky's Ballet was an adaptation from a text by Alexandre Dumas.

The story takes place in Germany, in the home of a respectable Judge named Stahlbaum, during Christmas celebrations. The couple and their children, Clara, Luisa and Fritz, receive guests and relatives, among them the old Drosselmayer, an eccentric bachelor and a lover of magic. He gives Clara a very special gift: a wooden nutcracker. Fascinated with her new toy, the girl falls asleep embracing the wooden doll. In the middle of the night, Clara awakes: the toys have come to life and she finds herself being chased by an army of rats. A battle unleashes between the rats and the soldiers, led by the one and only Nutcracker. Carla, the wooden toy and Drosselmayer start a search for the King of the Rats encountering many wonders including the magical land of snow, where they have extraordinary adventures. Once the dream is over Clara awakens in her house next to her doll.

The Nutcracker is a symbol of perpetual longing for our lost childhood and the contrast between the reality of the adult world and that of the dreams of children.

Due to its creative colorfulness, the extraordinary world of the imaginary characters and not forgetting the unforgettable music of Tchaikovsky, The Nutcracker has become one of the most represented ballets in the world.

1 and 2nd January 2012
Producer/Promoter: Euroconcert
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