Swan Lake

The trumpets announce the arrival of the guests, who are greeted at the ball by Prince Siegfried. The queen appears with her four bridesmaids; Siegfried approaches his mother who reprimands him because of the way he lives  his carefree life, reminding him that he must choose a wife among the young women who will take part in the court ball the following night.

Out for a hunt in the woods, the prince encounters a beautiful calm lake, lit by the moon and on the shore, a flock of beautiful swan maidens. Among them, Siegfried encounters the most beautiful and magical creature he has ever seen: her face is framed by white swan feathers, her snowy dress has delicate feathers and her head appears crowned by a bright tiara. Sensing the presence of Siegfried, the young woman shudders and begins to flee, flying, only to fall faint on the ground. The prince, hopelessly in love with the swan-woman, begs her not to leave, and the swan in return pleads with him not to shoot her.


Teatro Nacional Russo de Moscovo
7 and 8th January 2012
Producer/Promoter: Euroconcert
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