I'm Going, I'm leaving

Presented by the Orchestra and Choir from the National Conservatory, “Vou Me Embora, Vou Partir” was the culmination of a years work carried out by approximately 200 students, aged between 6 and 12.

In this piece we travel through the best-known themes by Vitorino, who in the same year celebrated his 70th birthday and 35 years in the music industry.

Remembering his childhood in the south of the country (Alentejo), he grew up with the dream of leaving for charming Lisbon and later returning with longing for Alentejo, passing through dreams, fears, love, disasters, pilgrimages and dances.


Guest Appearance: Vitorino


Criative Team

Staging /Scenography - Bruno Cochat | Ruben Santos
Musical Direction - Ricardo Mateus Orchestra
Coral Direction -Teresa Cordeiro
Light Design - Photography Carlos Gonçalves
Sound - Sérgio Milhano

Special Guest

7th October 2012
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