Sporting, the musical: 1906, Our biggest love

A musical about the centenary history of Sporting Clube de Portugal, which integrates the most outstanding moments of the 106 years of the club. The play was staged by Matilde Trocado, director of several musicals, among them Wojtyla, a tribute to Pope John Paul II marked by the huge box office success in Lisbon and Porto, and in Madrid, through the invitation of the Organização das Jornadas Mundiais da Juventude.

All the shows profit reverted in favor of Leões de Portugal-Associação de Solidariedade Sportinguista, IPSS (Instituição Particular de Solidariedade Social).

A rock musical which traverses through the history of the club which was born to be "as big as the largest teams in Europe".

Originating from the glory, the effort and the dedication over a course of more than a hundred years, the soul of being Sportinguista, the contagious energy of those who live the adrenaline of the game, the struggle to be more and better, never giving up and never lowering your guard. Because the History of Sporting Clube de Portugal, and all the greatness that makes it what it is, cannot and will not be forgotten.


Matilde Torcato
25 to 29th January 2012
Producer/Promoter: Leões de Portugal
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