Luis Franco-Bastos | The Voice of Reason

After the enormous success of his previous tour "Roubo de Identidade" (Identity Theft), Luís Franco-Bastos returned to the road with a new solo show: "Voz da Razão" (Voice of Reason).

Luís Franco-Bastos' new material was based on a new perspective of the world, in a new phase of his life, reaching both personal and artistic maturity. Comedians show themselves through their material, but Luís Franco-Bastos was quite different this time around; he went through new experiences, came to new conclusions and his vision of politics, football, society, music and relationships became complex and critical. The vocal schizophrenia and the characters which have always characterized him, were still present and it is through the voice of others, Luís Franco-Bastos can express his own. Out of all the voices which live inside his head, he began listening mainly to one: the Voice of Reason.

15 and 16th May 2017
Producer/Promoter: Bridgetown Talent Agency
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