CHAOS | Luis de Matos

In December, Luis de Matos returns to the Tivoli BBVA Theatre with CHAOS.

Making its debut in 2012, CHAOS continues to win over audiences who view the show as an unprecedented magical experience, a collection of mysteries contrived into reality in every performance, a magical, personal, inherent and memorable journey.

In CHAOS by Luis de Matos, strange elements interact in a magical and a surprising way. José Saramago once said that "chaos" is an order to be deciphered. In CHAOS, "decipher" is not an option. The ninety-minute show is a unique combination of the collective imagination of everyone who participates.

Do not forget to watch Luis de Matos CHAOS, a show for the whole family!

Illusion or reality? The choice is yours…


29 e 30 Dezembro 2017
21h30 | 30 Dez também às 17h
Producer/Promoter: UAU e Luis de Matos Produções
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