A minister resigns following a corruption scandal which destroys his political career. His wife betrays him and runs away with the journalist who exposed the case. Chaos engulfs the life of Vicente Calado who considers taking definitive measures when a door to door saleswoman knocks at his house.

With a difficult life, this woman is cheerful and dynamic. The strength with which she battles against her daily adversities makes her unique and unlike any other woman Vincente has ever met. Her charm conquers him, giving him hope for brighter days and for passion.

But the woman did not come alone, or on a singular event, Vicente encounters a violent and unfaithful husband, a crippled paralytic father and a prostitute. All together, they transform his life, turning him into a protagonist of a series of incredible situations.

Not all is what it seems in this comedy which could just end up ... astonishing!

Creative Team

Author Jórdi Galcerán
Director Fernando Gomes
Translation Joaquim Monchique
Set Design Eric da Costa
Costume Design  Dino Alves
Lighting Design Paulo Sabino
Music Alexandre Manaia



Maria Rueff, José Pedro Gomes, Jorge Mourato, João Maria Pinto, Sónia Aragão
26th of October 2011 to 22nd of January 2012
Producer/Promoter: UAU
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