Lunchbox Attack

The Cherry Tomato and the Cauliflower, king and queen within The Healthy Food Kingdom are worried. Something very strange is happening. The food from children's school lunch boxes are being exchanged for unhealthy foods and no one can understand how or why. The deal made amongst all is clear: human nutrition must be balanced, eaten in moderation and unhealthy foods should only enter the equation from time to time. It is obvious, that Lord Cheese Burger, Soda and Lollipop are very happy with everything that is happening. But could it not be possible that they have something to do with all the incidents which are taking place? Mariana and Filipa, two girlfriends, but quite different in their gastronomic tastes, are the first to realize that something very strange is happening with their usual snacks in the school playground.

Presently the problem of child obesity is being debated around the world as a counterweight to the importance of a balanced diet, this piece presents itself as a "sore spot" for children and adults. In a very entertaining way, with characters who create a strong emotional bond with the children, "Lunchbox Attack" promises to be the healthiest piece of the year! Through playing and singing we can all learn to eat healthier. We can all think of having a more balanced diet and a more active life. "Lunchbox Attack" is a delicious adventure which will not leave you indifferent.


Bruno Xavier, Carolina Venâncio, Daniel Cerca Santos, Fernanda Paulo, Joana Campelo, José Lobo, Lourenço Esteves, Luciana Ribeiro, Maria Lalande, Vânia Naia and Carlos Gonçalves

Creative team

Text Ana Rangel and Dino Rodrigues
Music and Musical Direction Dino Rodrigues and Nuno Pires
Staging Miguel Thiré
Production Plano 6


On the scene
Saturdays and Sundays 12th and 27th November at 4p.m.
Producer/Promoter: Plano6
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