Yolanda Soares's Royal Fado

With the special participation of Claire Jones, Harpist to the Prince of Wales, along with additional special guests, the soprano / crossover singer Yolanda Soares’ new show, reflects on the career of Amália, in an age where there are new approaches and sonorities within traditional Fado. In the performance we can find among other composers, the melodies of Alain Oulman, with poetry of the most erudite quality included in his repertoire.

In Royal Fado, the harp, an unexpected and surprising instrument in Fado, carries out dialogues with the Portuguese guitar, accompanying the unique and beautiful voice of Yolanda Soares. With a refinement and a quality unequaled, in some of the most romantic themes of Amália's life such as "Com que voz", "Amêndoa Amarga", "Soledad", "Lianor", just to mention a few.

It is a tribute to Amália and to the romanticism of her most innovative and virtuous age, where Fados were almost reminiscent to operas for the ears of the guitarists who accompanied Amália, they would say ironically: "There she goes to the opera." These Fados were later nicknamed as the "operas" of Amália.

In the Royal Fado, Yolanda Soares unites once again knowledgeable music, lyrical song, the universe of opera within Fado, obtaining a mysterious, emotive and elegant "Fado" captivating and involving us through a different musical approach which includes oriental mystical percussions, the cajon and the violin.


Claire Jones - Official Harpist to the Prince of Wales from 2007 to 2011
Chris Marshall - Producer, percussionist / arranger of the album Royal Fado
Coimbra Soul Group
Horus Mozarabe, Isabel Rodriguez, Victor da Silva - Dancers



18th October
Producer/Promoter: By the Music
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