Patxi Andion | Zeca in the heart


Patxi Andión has a long and deep relationship with Portugal. Since 1969, he has passed through the television program Zip Zip, worked with the huge José Carlos Ary dos Santos who translated some of his songs and delivered them to the voice of Tonicha (a Portuguese singer).

On his visits to Portugal, Patxi learned the language, which he is very proud of, and met José Afonso, his "friend Zeca", as he refers to today. Patxi became acquainted with José Afonso in the studios of Tóbis where the historical Zip Zip was being recorded and on the same day he was expelled from the country by PIDE (International and State Defense Police) who condemned their friendship and certainly his lyrics which portrayed his ideas of freedom.

Through the revolutionary songs of Zeca Afonso he familiarized himself with Portugal better, a country which had risen against dictatorship.

This story justifies his return to Portugal, the year in which marks three decades, since the loss of José Afonso.

Patxi proposes to reunite friends, many of whom were close to Zeca Afonso, to gather well known songs from the discography of Zeca Afonso, themes such as "Venham Mais Cinco" and "Traz Outro Amigo Também", with great importance to Portugal’s modern history, and celebration of freedom.

Together with the work of Zeca, gathering the most celebrated moments of Patxi´s own discography, songs made of the same fervor: an immense love for total freedom. Songs, like those of Zeca, which also carry stories, memories and an identity of a people.

Patxi reveals, that this concert is not intended to be a tribute, rather a recognition: “much of Zeca’s life and work lives in me," says Patxi Andión. One of the most celebrated voices in Spain singing the work of one of the greatest geniuses of Portuguese music: it is not possible to ask for more in such a special year.


1st November
Producer/Promoter: UGURU
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