Gaiteiros de Lisboa, The Story - Misty Fest

After two years of absence, the Gaiteiros de Lisboa (The Lisbon Pipers) are back in Lisbon with a rejuvenated lineup and to tell their long story.

This story, which dates back to 1991 has featured Portuguese musicians such as José Mário Branco, Rui Vaz, José Manuel David, Pedro Casaes, Pedro Calado, José Salgueiro and José Martins. Filled with absolute classics and joined by new and unpublished themes, such as the new single “Roncos do Diabo”.

The group of Carlos Guerreiro and Paulo Marinho came together with new members, Sebastião Antunes (voice and percussion), Miguel Quitério (bagpipes, uillean pipes, flute and vocals), Carlos Borges Ferreira (vocals and percussion) and Paulo Heath (vocals and percussion). In this concert, integrated in the Misty Fest, they also bring two very special guests: Rui Veloso (with whom Carlos Guerreiro played in the mythical tours "Mingos & Os Samurais" and "Auto da Pimenta") and Sérgio Godinho (with whom the Gaiteiros de Lisboa have a collaboration on the track “Avejão”).

The Gaiteiros de Lisboa are recognized as the most important group of renovation and reinvention of traditional Portuguese music. With unparalleled original work which features five studio albums and one live album (“Invasões Bárbaras”, “Bocas do Inferno”, “Dança Chamas”, “Macaréu”, “Sátiro” e “Avis Rara”), as well as countless and unforgettable concerts in Portugal and abroad, the Gaiteiros de Lisboa have constructed and continue to build new paths of musical identity, from the roots, which they never left behind, but always with their eyes on the future.

Inventive, often revolutionary, creators of new sonorities, instruments and (re) readings of Portuguese popular lyricism, the Gaiteiros de Lisboa  are also responsible for the emergence of successive generations of new musicians and bands who, following in their footsteps, have launched in the adventure of taking on the heritage of Portuguese rural music reinvented in the 21st Century.

If, in the beginning, the Gaiteiros de Lisboa were already a supergroup which brought together musicians who had opened new paths to traditional music (in GAC-Vozes na Luta, Almanaque or Sétima Legião), at present this trend is even more reinforced.


Rui Veloso
Sérgio Godinho


11th November
Producer/Promoter: UGURU
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