Tété Alhinho - Misty Fest

The singer Tété Alhinho carries within her voice a very distinctive soul, developed through her childhood, listening to “Mornas” sang by Bana "in the final 15 minutes of the Barlavento radio broadcast", as she recalls in the cover notes of “Mornas ao Piano”, the beautiful album she launched recently.

In order to recover these memories, Tété recruited several musicians (the pianists Carlos Matos, Ricardo de Deus or Victor Zamora, for example) who accompany her especially through her own themes, with the sweet embossment of a tropical island feel, trimmed by jazz rigor and a class of universalist inclination, not hiding the depth of the identity of these songs of pain, longing, nostalgia and absolute dignity.

Live, Tété Alhinho is even sweeter, more intense and overwhelming in the strength of her interpretation of the songs which capture the memory of Cape Verde and project it in a modern and sophisticated world, full of soul and beauty. All these qualities will be confirmed on November 10 at the Misty Fest, when Tété will take to the stage of the Tivoli BBVA Theatre, along with Carmen Souza & Theo Pascal Duo as guest artists.


10th November
Producer/Promoter: UGURU
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