Simone, The Musical

Adored by all, Simone de Oliveira is a woman who is recognised as a symbol of strength, authenticity and courage. An all-round artist, she embraced more than seven crafts during her career   always confronting the challenges which life placed in her path. Sometimes without fear and at times full of it, she broke through walls and made herself heard in a society where it was unacceptable for women to have a voice.

At age 79, Simone de Oliveira still has dreams to materialize and many memories to share. From iconic songs such as "Desfolhada", "Sol de Inverno", "Esta Palavra Saudade”  and "Tango Ribeirinho", Simone will unveil herself once again and publicly surrender to her deepest beliefs, knowing it is destiny, showing us the reason why she is cherished by the Portuguese public.

A biography, SIMONE, THE MUSICAL, by Tiago Torres da Silva, takes us on a journey inside the life of this woman, her songs, the remarkable moments, the fears and the successes and not forgetting all the poets for whom she collaborated with through her vocal interpretations.



Simone de Oliveira, FF, José Raposo, Maria João Abreu, Marta Andrino, Pedro Pernas, Ruben Madureira, Salvador Nery, Sissi Martins, Soraia Tavares



Helder Godinho - musical direction/piano
Miguel Amado - bass/double bass
Ricardo Barriga - guitar
David Jerónimo - drums

Criative team

Text and staging Tiago Torres da Silva
Musical Direction Renato Júnior
Set Design Catarina Amaro
Costume Design Dino Alves
Light Design Paulo Sabino
Choreography Paulo Jesus
Vocal Coaching Carlos Coincas
Photography of the Poster Rui Figueiredo
Staging Assistant Salvador Nery



Until 5th November
Thursday to Saturday at 9.30 pm | Sundays at 6.30pm
Producer/Promoter: UAU
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