Casa Pia String Orchestra and Choir

Mário Laginha, Lura, Katia Guerreiro and Francisco Menezes joined Casa Pia to celebrate the beginning of the school year 2013/14

One of the hallmarks of Casa Pia of Lisbon, throughout its more than two centuries of existence, has been, and continues to be, the opportunity to give its students, regardless of their socio-familial context, a privileged contact with art and artistic expression.

Thus, coinciding with the opening of the 2013/2014 school year with celebrations taking place throughout the day, with the Merit award ceremony for the recognition of the commitment of the students, Casa Pia of Lisboa presents a concert to exhibit the work developed by the students through the Integrated Music Education program, a project that initiated in 2009 with the aim of training and musical development for young people in viola, violin and cello.

Recognizing the artistic and social dimension of this project, which already has more than a hundred students, Mário Laginha, Lura, Katia Guerreiro and Francisco Menezes immediately accepted the invitation to participate in this initiative marked by the possibility of musical sharing amongst the invited artists, and the children from the String Orchestra of Casa Pia of Lisbon.

The revenue from this concert completely reverted back to the Orchestra allowing them to buy new instruments, and to continue to develop this project.


Casa Pia String Orchestra and Choir


Katia Guerreiro
Mário Laginha


Francisco Menezes


13t November 2013
Producer/Promoter: UAU e Casa Pia de Lisboa
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